Inspired by American and European Abstract Expressionist painters, like Alma Thomas, Norman Lewis, and Wassily Kandinsky, I view my artwork as soul expressions of my observations, questions, reflections, nuances, and of life’s complexities.

Uses of color, brush and pen strokes help me visually communicate intangible thoughts and emotions. I paint both subtle and exaggerated rhythmic movement inspired by nature, music and poetry.

Stems curve and twist. Flower petals dance and sway. Abstract strokes stretch, pool, and bleed. All visually capture intangible emotions displayed on paper and canvas.

My current media of choice are watercolor on paper, ink on paper, and acrylic on canvas, and my subject matter focuses on flora and nonrepresentational abstract paintings.

As symbols of life’s dichotomies, my work can be representational or non-representational, saturated or pale, loose or structured, playful or melancholy, spirited or weighty.

Art is dynamic; as my artistic style evolves, so will my approach and use of media.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. I hope that you discover something in my shop that speaks to your soul, causes you to giggle, calls you to a place of reflection, or acts as a visual expression of your intangible thoughts and emotions.

With love, Signature Logo

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