Artwork Themes

A number of common themes are reflected in my most recent artwork. Below you can read a short summary about each theme and optionally click the links to view related artwork.

The Illinois Prairie Path

The Illinois Prairie walking path is a constant source of inspiration for me. There are so many flowers and grasses planted along this trail – many with vibrant colors or interesting textures.

For this collection, I painted flowers from the path that were too captivating for me to ignore.

Related artworks: Catch a Shooting Star | Let the Sun Shine In


Since a family member shared a vintage copy of Taylor’s Guide to Perennials with me, it’s been hard for me to put it down. In this collection, I’ve painted my interpretation of the floral and leaf shapes printed in this book.

Thus far, I’ve posted the following items related to this theme: Globe Thistles | Cardinal Rules

Abstract Expressionism

Nonrepresentational abstract watercolor paintings hold a mystery that I don’t find in many other art media, aside from textile dyeing on silk. My floral abstract paintings incorporate intermingling and overlapping elements in both soft and intense colors.

Related work: Liminal Space | Step Into the Light

Abstract Flora

Sometimes I simply allow my brush to glide across the paper to create flowers from memory. Other times I see a bouquet or planted flowers and then I paint my interpretation of those.

Related work: A Rose Is Still A Rose | Studio 7 Bouquet Signature Logo

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